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Jesus answered him, "The first of all the commandments is: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. 'And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' This is the first commandment. "And the second, like it, is this: 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' There is no other commandment greater than these." (Mark 12:29-31; Deuteronomy 6:4-5; Leviticus 19:18)


People being called by God feel an urgent need to increase their study of God's word. The advances in technology offer an opportunity to reach God's people wherever they may live. is the website ministry of the Church of God Most High and has been developed to assist in furthering your understanding of the teachings of the Bible. We hope you will take the time to review the material available and listen to our growing library of audio files. We can provide you with copies of sermon audio CD's or booklets listed here free of charge.

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The Nature Of God

Whom Do We Worship?

What do you really know about the one you worship? We can learn more about our Creator by studying his attributes in scripture. His names and titles can give us much additional insight into the greatness of our God.

Trini-Bini-Uni-tarianism - Which?

What is the relationship of Jesus Christ (Yeshua haMeshiach) with God the Father? Are they and the Holy Spirit one? Is Jesus described in the Old Testament? You need to know.

God Our Owner, Christ our Redeemer

What is the true relationship between God the Father and Jesus Christ? Are they the same being or are they part of a holy triad? The truth is plain to see in the pages of your Bible but do you know the real story? Be prepared for something in scripture you haven't seen before.

Christ,The Foundation Stone

Christ referred to Peter as a rock. What did He mean by that? He also referred to Himself as a stone of stumbling. Why? He even referred to many of His Jewish people as killers and thieves. What did He mean by that? Why did He describe the purpose of his visit as not for peace but more similar to that of a sword?. This sermon explains.

The Righteousness of God

Righteousness by Faith

In a previous sermon, we discussed Righteousness by Works. This sermon discusses righteousness from the perspective of righteousness by faith or righteousness by trust.

Righteousness by Works

Paul stressed grace but James, John, Peter and even Paul taught the fundamentals of works. Were these concepts in conflict? How can such apparent contradiction be reconciled? Learn how one forms the basis for the expansion of the other.

Abraham's Spiritual Children

One of the greatest errors that has been adopted by main-stream Christian churches is that the teachings of Judaism in the Old Testament were done away by the teachings of Jesus Christ and the apostles in the New Testament. This sermon proves that the teachings of the Old Testament are actually the foundation or bedrock of New Testament teachings.

Righteous Slavery - Part 1

Is there another side to slavery which you haven't seen in the movies? The patriarchs of the Bible were slave owners but they lived by God's law concerning slaves. God spoke of slavery being beneficial to the poor. What do you know about that different type of slavery?

Righteous Slavery - Part 2

For Israelites who sold themselves into slavery, there was a way out in God's government. There was a redemption price that could be paid by the kinsman redeemer. The physical laws God established foreshadowed a much greater plan for all mankind. Do you know it?

The Third Commandment

The third commandment condemns misusing our heavenly Father's name but misusing His name has become common practice. There is a lot more to this commandment than not swearing. This sermon describes how today's society routinely breaks this commandment.

What is the Law?

Acts 2 describes this day, Pentecost or Shavuot (Weeks) in Hebrew, as the day in which the Holy Spirit was given to the followers of our Messiah to enable us to obey and yearn to obey the law, not to replace the law.

The Virtues Of God

God's Marriages With Israel

This is the second sermon describing the three stages of Biblical marriage. This sermon also describes the three parts of a Biblical marriage but from the perspective of the marriages God has had with His chosen people over the years.

The Compassionate God

The God of the Old Testament is often portrayed as harsh and unforgiving compared to a loving God in the New Testament. Are there two different Gods with two different personalities or is there another side to God we neglect to see. What is the truth about the compassionate God?

Faith is Trust

Most people talk about having faith but do you know what faith really is? It's more than just a hope of future action. It is solid trust in God to do what he said he would do. Do you have the trust to fully depend on God?

Mercy and Grace

Do you know the difference between mercy and grace? Grace is unmerited pardon or forgiveness from God beyond what we deserve. Mercy is the attitude of forgiveness but it's more than just attitude. Do you know how to grow in grace and mercy?


"...whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven." The Bible contains a lot of text about the necessity of replacing vanity with humility. This sermon gives us five steps toward achieving humility.


Many religions say we are to forgive others but what does the Bible say?. Do you have to be willing to dispense forgiveness in order to receive it? What does God expect of us? How does God forgive? How often should we forgive?

The Doctrines Of God

The Resurrections

As we enter the Passover season, many of our minds will be on the resurrection of our Messiah, Jesus Christ. What does His resurrection demonstrate for all who die? This sermon will make the connection and tie the resurrection to His soon-coming Kingdom.

Doing Our Part For Answered Prayer

What do you really know about prayer? How effective are your prayers? Does God answer them? The points made in this sermon will make your prayers more effective.


What is the purpose of baptism in the Christian Church? Learn about the process of baptism, its origin, its meaning, and what it accomplishes. Yes, baptism is a physical act but does it also have a spiritual purpose and does it picture something greater yet to come?

Sons of God

Who are the Sons of God? The New Testament demonstrates that God's purpose for Christians is for them to become Sons of God. As early as Genesis, Sons of God are mentioned, however, who they are seems to change during different eras of Biblical history.

God's Morning Stars

The traditional religious holidays of Christmas and Easter celebrate the birth, death, and resurrection of a King but what do you know about the rest of the story? What is the destiny of his kingdom and what is our destiny as his servants?


There are numerous examples in the Bible of God knowing people before they were born. God knows the end from the beginning but does that mean we have no choice in the matter? Are we just robots or is our Creator endowed with abilities transcending time?

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